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 Hello guys in today's article we are going to know more about the recent movie the grey man which was directed by the legendary directors Russo brothers who are popular for directing the movies like Avengers, captain America, Avengers endgame, infinity war and many more movies. 

The grey man movie Review, budget and collection , OTT Release 

The grey man movie star cast

Film is having the interesting star cast like Ryan Gosling who is playing the role of court gentry and power beloved captain America aka Chris Evans is playing the role of villain Lloyd Hansen. Chris Evans is playing the role of most dangerous villain in the movie. He is playing the damn negative role in the movie. After watching his acting you will forget that he was the one who played the role of legendary captain America. Our Indian south superstar Dhanush is also playing the most important role in the movie. 

The grey man movie storyline

Story of film starts in a jail where a CIA agent is interrogative Ryan Gosling and offering him to be free if he accept the offer of working with CIA's secret unit called the grey man whose vision is to kill the terrorists. Gosling accepts that offer. After 18 years Gosling gets  a mission in Bangkok.  his mission was to kill one of the criminals. When Gosling was supposed to kill the criminal the criminal tells him that he is also a CIA agent. And gives him a drive which contains some information about the grey man unit. But the head of the grey man unit wants that drive but Gosling don't give it to him. So to kill Gosling and get the drive the head of grey man unit sends  Lloyd Hansen. To know where Gosling is Lloyd Hansen kidnaps neise of man who helped Gosling to escape. Lloyd Hansen decided to give a big amount of price for those who will help him to get Ryan Gosling.  Lloyd's every attempt to kill Gosling fails that's why he sends his best man Dhanush to kill Gosling and get the drive. However Dhanush succeeds to get the drive and give it back to Lloyd. But when Dhanush come to know that Lloyd is going to kill a small girl he  decides to stop working for Lloyd. In the climax Gosling attacks Lloyd to get the drive and save that small girl. During the fight Dhanush gives the drive to one of the friend of Gosling and says Lloyd is not a good man. When Lloyd and Gosling were fighting another CIA agent kills Lloyd and also shoots Gosling on his leg and tells him that she kidnapped that small girl and he has to work for her. At the end Gosling succeeds saving that small girl. 

The grey man movie review

As this movie is directed by russo brothers the screenplay the cinematography is just mind blowing. The film is full of action scenes. Every character in the movie has done a great job. Chris Evans in a negative role was just awesome. The story of movie was average. It is a one time watch movie. Dhanush has played a small role which I think made the movie average. 

The grey man movie budget and collection

Budget - 200 million

Collection - $249,462

The grey man movie release date and platform

Release date 22nd July 2022

Platform - Netflix

The grey man movie runtime

2 hours 2 minute

The grey man movie IMDb rating

Movie got 6.5 rating out of 10 on IMDb.


1. Where can I watch the grey man? 

You can watch this movie on Netflix. 

2. It's the grey man available on Amazon prime? 

No the grey man movie is not available on Amazon prime.

3. The grey man movie is hit or flop? 


- Movie is Hit

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